Lori Brighton


Once and Archaeologist, and a museum curator her ideas of history fill her head with stories that she now shares with the world.  Her genre varies to appease not only her readers, but also her mind.  From what I can tell she had quite a few books out, and some of them are free if you want to test the waters of Lori Brighton.

A Night of Forever by Lori Brighton crp

Based in the historical romance era where there are dukes, lords, and counts.  Mary Ellen James is the ward of her sisters, and her husband’s.

They gave a new world were money was no longer an issue, but she wants money of her own through marriage.

So what is it about Grayson’s friend, Aiden Callaghan.  Everyone but her found him handsome, she found him off Standish, quiet, and somewhat of a mystery.

Even after the kiss, she doesn’t want to be attracted to him.  When his secret comes out will she be able to deny him any longer, or will that bond them for life.

Click here for your copy:  A Night of Forever, A Novella (The Night Series)


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