Lori Foster


I am amazed.  Lori Foster has over 130 books published since 1996.  That’s better than 8 books a year.  I only wish I could write eight books a year.  WOW!!!! They are sexy, luring, and hot… well at least the first book I read.  But I liked her style so much I ordered a second to see if all her writing is this good.  If it is I could make a career out of reading her works.  I will have to set better goals after seeing her accomplishments, but writing is only one of them.  She also writes to support causes, donating and having fund-raisers to support her favorite charities.  What a woman!  Check out her books, and her website.

   Run the Risk

Though this is about a detective on a mission for revenge, it develops into a full-blown romance.  Logan just knows there is more to Pepper than a girl who will get him in touch with her brother.  The one person that knows more about the killing of his best friend.  He goes under cover, trying to uncover the where about of her brother, but the more time he spends with her the more he feels there is something so much deeper than what his intentions were.  Can he get the girl in the end if he has been lying to her all along?  Can he get the information from her brother without putting either of them in harm’s way? Can he trust his captain, or new partner with the information he his keeping from them?  Yeah… read the book.  You will love it.

A Perfect Storm    

Another great story by Lori.  This is about a Man, Spencer Lark the bounty hunter, and a young woman, Arizona Storm.

Spencer reluctantly allows Arizona to be a decoy in an attempt to bring down a smuggling ring.  Knowing so much about her tragic past, his protective instinct, and the attraction that is stirring in him makes it very difficult to allow her this.

Arizona has to prove that she can handle this, that she is strong, and that she has a future with a group of men that specialize in busting the tough crime in the world.  She knows from her past that this is the only place that she fits in, and yet she feels very alone.  She is fascinated with Spencer and gets him to agree to help her plan to bust the smuggling ring.  The only thing she didn’t expect that her fascination with him helps her to confront her fears and trust.  The others would be too protective, Spencer respects her.

With the plan in place, Spencer is ordered to maintain close proximity to Arizona at all times including the evenings.  It’s the evenings that heat up when Arizona agrees to stay with him until they finish the job.

click here for your copy: A Perfect Storm (Hqn)

Legacy by Lori Foster The Buckhorn Legacy

Click here to get your copy:  The Buckhorn Legacy (Hqn)

Casey Hudson – the first of the nephews is grown into a man.  A man that went down his path the way he planned out.  The plan that made him refuse the young Emma Clarks advances so that he could make something of himself.

Now eight years later, and eight years grown up Emma has returned.  Can Casey finally give into his wildest dreams that he has had since a teenager.  Will Emma believe that these feelings are real.

Read to find out what happens to the youngest hot Buckhorn Men.


Forever Forever lori foster

Click here for your copy:  Forever Buckhorn: Gabe\Jordan (The Buckhorn Brothers)

This is a two part book covering the two youngest Buckhorn men.

Gabe the baby of the family has the laid back life enjoying helping others in his community.  However, Elizabeth Parks finds one or his tasks to be heroic.  The only way he will agree to give her info is in exchange for kisses.  Her kisses are intoxicating arousing Gabe to want more than kisses

Jordan, looking only for a woman of virtue to go along with this gentle veterinarian, rescuer of Strays persona he has going.  So why would he feel overly protective of Georgia Barnes, the exotic dancer.  Was it her children, or her mother that triggered the interest or was it her herself, a woman who will do anything to keep her family afloat.   Can they get around all the barriers to have something real?

Lori Foster is always a great read.  Hope you enjoy it.


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