Lori Wilde


Even though she is a RN, she has produced some of the best romances I have ever read.  She has this beautiful way of bringing the intensity to a situation that just can not be explained.  Although she has written a lot of Harlequin romances, she has also written quite a few other novels.  I can not give her enough credit to her writing.    She brings to life the luring, seductive writing without all the graphics.  Please take the time to pick up one, two, or three of her books.  Check out her website to see a full listing.


Harlequin Blaze

 A Thrill to Remember

Click here for your copy:   A Thrill To Remember (Harlequin Blaze)

The thrill begins at a masquerade ball in Bear Creek, Alaska, where Don Juan has heated desires for Ms. Klondike Kate.  They escape not only from the party, but also from reality as they take this to a fantasy that is needed by both, until Don Juan gets Klondike Kate’s phone number and realizes who it really is.
In reality Klondike Kate is  Maggie Scotfield, recently divorced.  After being told she was boring she was looking to prove herself that she was exciting.  Visiting her home town her friends encourage the flaunt Klondike Kate costume to help her find some excitement.  She instantly feels the heat  when Don Juan looks at her in the most alluring way.
Don Juan, the real Caleb Greenleaf, and step brother to Meggie’s ex, is blinded by the mask.  Hansom, rich, and avoiding women’s advances, only because he was the last eligible bachelor of Bear Creek.  His past haunted him because he had been in love with his half brothers ex since they were kids.  Klondike Kate was the first woman he had really been attracted to in so long that he had to act on it.  With masks they could let everything go and enjoy each other.

Now that he knows who she is, and she doesn’t have a clue, Caleb continues the charade so that he can find out if she feels this way about Don Jaun, or about his true nature as Caleb.

Who actually gets the girl?  The make believe Don Jaun, or Caleb.

                       A Touch of Silk

Click here for your copy:  A Touch Of Silk (Harlequin Blaze)

Red hot for those of you that like a luring romance.  Kay, a city reporter that writes about sex, is up tight and not so experienced in the field that she writes about.  She doesn’t understand what it is that makes people want it so bad.

That is until she meets Quinn, who lives in Alaska, a bachelor that is looking for a wife.  He places an ad with her magazine to lure woman, who want to marry, to Alaska as an attempt to find wives for his friend and himself.  This sends Kay on an adventure to Alaska.

Does she get more than what she bargains for?  You will have to read it to believe it.


   High Stakes Suduction

Click here for your copy:   High Stakes Seduction (Harlequin Blaze)

Actually I was turned off a little by the Harlequin romance novels, because they were based on hot sex scenes and a story line that fit in between, but this one… wow… it was good.  It built suspense, burning to continue, and in the end a true love story.  I found it light and airy and couldn’t put it down until the very end.

After reading this one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more of Lori’s books



Click here for your copy:   Intoxicating (Harlequin Blaze)

Of course it is intoxicating when wine is involved.  Kiara Romano, the person in charge of the Belle Notte family winery is anti romantic, and a workaholic.  One thing on her mind is an amazing new wine that will be released soon.
Her distraction comes when her new interns come to the island and one stands out.  Initially he seems lazy, laid back, but it is his gifted palate that entices her initially, but only until his eyes meet hers and warms her inside out.
Wyatt DeSalme, has a mission.  He has been a playboy all his life and now he has something to prove to his brothers, that he can be responsible and handle this spy game in order to put Belle Notte out of the running for the best wine.
He only has to get close, find the secrete, and destroy it, but if he does all of those the may hurt the one person that could be his forever.  Is it worth it, and will she understand in the end?  Yes you will have to read this to find out how Kiara finds out who he really is.


     Shockingly Sensual

Click here for your copy:   Shockingly Sensual (Harlequin Blaze)

Okay, another great romance story by Lori Wilde.  This one is about a successful young woman, Callie Ryder, who hosts a radio show that gives young woman advise about their sexuality and how to be comfortable expressing it.  Her show is so successful that she is out doing a book tour on the west coast.

Because of a few threatening letters Callie is forced to hire a bodyguard.  The only bad part is the attraction between them is shocking.

Find out what else could shock you with this story.  It is a fast read that will have you wanting to read it again in case you missed something.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Zero Control

Click here for your copy:  Zero Control (Harlequin Blaze)

Roxie is under cover to spy on the competition Romantic Getaway Company.  She is not comfortable with compromising her own values, but she is promised job security and more money.
Dougal is a strong-willed man with a military back ground, but has been burned in the romance department.  He takes on a job protecting the Romantic Getaway Company because of threats the owner has received.

They both have zero control when it comes to their attraction for each other, but will that attraction survive their secrets or is this a one night, two night, or maybe even a three night affair that will end with the secret comes out and the trip ends.
You will have to read this one to find out if there can be a happy ending.

Sweet Surrender  

Click here to get your copy:   Sweet Surrender (Harlequin Blaze)

A tale of four friends who have a run of bad luck with men.  Bianca is in charge of an account that has to do with a modern-day chastity belt, but is torn if they should advertise it that way or as a sex game.

The girls make a bet that they can make it a whole month without sex, but use this new device to stay honest.  By refusing to have sex it builds the desire quickly.  I think the saying is, “If you can’t have something, you will want it more.”

For these four, that is a true statement.  Find out who win their bet, and who finds love where they least expect it.

By Invitation Only – Lori Wilde/ Private Party – Wendy Etherington/ Secret Encounter – Jillian Burns

Click here for your copy:   By Invitation Only: Exclusively Yours\Private Party\Secret Encounter (Harlequin Blaze)

Part 1- Exclusively Yours by Lori Wilde
Journalist Olivia Carmichael is bent on getting the story about the Hollywood Starlet’s Wedding before her rival Nick Greer.  They both are on the scene and get mistaken as the starlet’s cousin and her romantic partner, when they are whisked off to an island where the wedding of the year is going to happen.
It’s when they spend so much time together trying to keep the truth from coming out that they find the truth in their hearts about each other.
Will the story come between them and the new passion they feel for each other?  You will have to pick this one up to find out.

Part 2-Private Party by Wendy Etherington
Caterer Tara Lindsey is on a mission to find out why she did not get the gig for this Hollywood wedding.  She does amazing work, and thought they loved her food, so why didn’t she get the job.
Secretly she works her way into the wedding party where she is busted by the hansom Security Chief Wade Cooper.
Though he must keep her from crashing the party, he can’t keep her from crashing his thoughts.
This chemistry between them connects them beyond duty, and he helps her find the truth to her questions, landing her to the deal of the century.

Part 3- Secret Encounter by Jillian Burns
Try as she might, Dr. Peyton Monohan has unsuccessful reached the long time contributor to her projects after she had been turned down for any further funds.  Knowing he is going to be at this Hollywood wedding she shows up disguised in order to get in, but when her plan is almost destroyed she turns to a beautiful man, Quinn Smith, and kisses him as if they were together.  After the kiss they can not avoid the attraction, too bad Quinn is hiding that he is the man she is seeking.
He has to be careful, but will she forgive him when he admits he true identity?  You will have to read it to believe it.

Stand Alones:

   Some Like it Hot

Click here for your copy:  Some Like It Hot (Hotel Marchand)

It is hard to express what Lori Wilde can do with a story.  Walls, walls, and more walls the we have for ourselves is where is story fester.
Melanie the youngest sister of the Merchant family, owners of Hotel Merchand, never really fit in.  She never feels like she fit in at home and when her family hires a Head chef, Robert LeSoeur, she is disappointed.  She has every intent on taking over and will do everything in her power to gain her families trust that she could handle it.
Robert suppresses his feeling for Melanie, because of the fear of being hurt again.  It is here that he feels like he fits, even though his past has brought many painful memories.
As they work together in the kitchen things heat up.  Both with a past, can they cope with a future?  You will have to read this one to find out.
FYI-  This book raised a lot of personal realizations for me.  I will start a blog and then you can see why.

Addicted to Love  

Click here to get your copy:   Addicted to Love (Wedding Veil Wishes)

I love the way Lori Wilde writes.  She builds up the situation, lets it linger, gives it to you, and still gives you a story and a terrific ending.  Rachael has a horrible outlook on Romance.  Growing up in Valentine Texas where everything surrounds romance she has been brought up romancing the idea of love and what a man can do for her.  The problem happens when she is jilted at the altar, which causes her to swear off romance and wants to take everyone that is delusional with her.  The rampage starts with defacing the towns billboard.
Broady, the towns Sheriff is there to arrest her, comfort her, watch her grow, and in the end will he trust her with his heart?

This hits home for a lot of people who have been fooled by romance.  The illusion of someone sweet up front, but is that who they really are?
But the attraction and being true to ones self could pay off.

See how this story unravels the confusion of love and romance.


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