Lucia Jordan

Loves to write erotic romances with the vengeance.  The whole world is sexual, and It’s about time it made its way into reading, Leaving our imagination to run wild with fantasy.  She is hard-core tapping into binding, sub and Dom relations, and who knows what.  I probably will not open another book because it isn’t for me, but her story that I did read was okay if you can handle the Dom, Sub lifestyle.

Control by Lucia Jordan

Nicole Jensen has the worst day of her life.  She lost her job, had an accident, and caught her fiance in bed with another woman.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do?  I have and getting away from everything, losing your mind to something so unreal it attracts you.

Nicole ends up in a bar when she meets an amazing man, Logan Whitmore.  But when she finds out she was at the wrong type of bar, and he is the wrong type of man, she finds it enticing.

Again, good story line, but a little too extreme for me.  Dom and Sub is a little heavy.

Click here to get your copy:  Control: Dangerous Desire (Contemporary Submissive Romance)

n The proposition by Lucia Jordan




Megan didn’t know what is was about the owner and CEO of the company that she worked for until he stood there in front of her looking amazingly sexy.

What was more luring than those grey eyes, black hair, wide shoulders, tall, or was it just the warmth of his breath.  Heath Mayer had the looks of a magazine cover guy, but what he purposes has nothing to do with a magazine.

You will be surprised at the ending.  This isn’t a typical ending. 🙂

Click here for your copy: The Proposition (Billionaire Boss) a SEXY erotic romance short


f Bounds of Passion by Lucia Jordan

     Click here for your copy:   Bounds of Passion Book 1 (BDSM Billionaire) A Contemporary Erotic Romance

      So girl can’t get off with vanilla sex, so she signs up on a web site for BDSM.  Meets the guy and gets off to pain.  Sorry it was too blah.  It was the pain that caused her arousal and I have a hard time with hitting any way shape or form.

A story needs magic to become real, to feel the characters, want to be the characters.  Lucia Jordan does some wonderful work but this one wasn’t for me.


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