Lucinda DeBois

An author of erotic and contemporary romance stories, she has 19 to prove she is good at what she does.  One must love to read in order to write what others will want to read.  We have this in common.  Check out her web site for books to come.

k One Step Closer by Lucinda Debois

Click her for your copy:   One Step Closer (Erotic Romance) Book 1 (The DeLuca Brothers)

Sofia Bianchi never wanted to let go of the man she loved so deeply, but when you love someone sometimes is best if we let them go.  She loved Frank DeLuca deeply, but when she faced a dilemma that might cause him to give up his dreams she couldn’t do that to him.

Frank DeLuca hadn’t been home in 10 years.  The heartbreak memories of what he left haunted him there.  The only woman to satisfy his forever itch had left him broken by leaving a note to break up and move on, and she moved on to marry his cousin.

But now home, their marriage not lasting, he finds that those feels never went away.  When he confronts her the heat is on.  No words need to be said, but the kiss was just the start of the fire burning in them both.




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