Megan Hart

I don’t even know how to explain Megan Hart.   I not only find her books amazing I find her amazing.  She is a serious writer, however she is not so serious when it comes to answering questions.  From what I can tell she writes because the words come to her naturally, not because she wants to please the readers.  However, her readers will be very pleased with her books.

Megan writes in a wide range of genre, but it is her romantic erotic that has sparked my interest.  My first read was Tempted and if I can say this with the utmost respect, its way better than the Fifty Shades.   If you enjoyed Fifty Shades, you will love Megan Hart’s book.

Romance, Erotica Romance, Adult Romance

Nothing in Common

Nothing In Common megan hart

In the common sense of things you wonder what he/she sees in you.  Why the interest, especially when you know they are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.    It just doesn’t make sense at all.  You know you have flaws, after flaws because you see them everyday.  Could this person see beyond all your short comings, could this person see what is behind the surface, could they really see you better than you see yourself?  But why?

And then they look at you with those eyes, and you see it.  You want to believe it, that they really like what they see without all the bullshit that seems to happen when you want something or someone so bad you feel the pain of what your heart will feel once they are gone, because someone so perfect in your eyes will eventually see all those flaws and leave.  Right?

What can we do to protect ourselves against this inevitable heart-break?  Avoidance, put up a wall of prevention, or just sabotage it from the beginning, because it is too good to be true.   And we all know that when it’s too good to be true, then it’s not real.  it’s a good enough for now, or settle for, but not the heart wrenching, can’t live without love that we so much desire.

Yes, this story hit way to close to home for me, and I loved every inch of it.  I only wish that sometime a fantasy will come true.  That that beautiful man who seems interested, is really interested in me.  Maybe someday.  In the meantime, go ahead and read the story.  It may hit close to home for you too.

Click here for your copy: Nothing In Common


Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark megan hart

You know that one person that no matter what happens they will always be the one for you.  That is Luke Gaines for Celia Henry.  Even though they only have a one night stand it is this man who does it for her in every way.

Luke has a life changing experience on a cave exploration that went totally wrong.  It is the creatures that tormented him and tried to kill him that makes them hunt them.  It is only Celia that has faith in him and what he is doing.  If fact she is the only one who believes him.  She remains to be there for him any time he wants.  He comes and goes with months in between, but deep down he feels this to be home for him.

Through an animal connection the beast knows this too, and after killing the rest of his family it goes after the love of his life.  The question to be answered is can their love survive if they do?  You will have to read the story.

Click here for your copy: Out of the Dark


Reawakened Passions

Reawakened Passions megan hartMelissa Benjamin lives in an old building that has some characteristics of past dwellers.  It’s the soft scent of Lilac, the hint of a music box tune, and doors that won’t stay shut.  She is not afraid of these things, instead she believes it to bring out the character of the building.  When a hansom new tenant moves in the encounters intensify.

Jonathan Adams, the new hotty in 1-B isn’t your typical neighbor.  He was given a curse of feeling what those who have passed feel.  Yes, it is a curse when it involves steamy love scenes that he has no control over, making his nights sleepless.

When Jon meets Melissa, he feels the presence of a soul and his desire to be with her.  Jon tries to deny these intense feelings and avoids Melissa.  When running into her multiple times outside of the apartment build he realizes that his feelings are genuine.  He likes her, with this curse in tact he can not risk pushing her to the after life.

Finally with the heat rising in real life, and the presence that wants this as bad as they do, Melissa pushes the issue without much object from Jon.

Can they make it past the curse, and past these pesky dwellers passions that may have caused death?  Yes you have to read the story to find out.

Click here for your copy:   Reawakened Passions


Bachelor Number Four

Bachelor Number four megan hart

This one was a little to close to reality for me.  Arden Walsh has been widowed almost two years, and feels its time to start her life again even though she is consumed by her beautiful daughters she still wants someone in her life.

The whole dating thing really isn’t what she wants but agrees to do it.  However, after two disaster dates she wants to throw in the towel.  Finally a good one, good enough to satisfy her needs, but again she can not go through with it.  So what is her problem?

Relationships are not to be taken lightly even if they are just a fling.  Wanting and needing something more, a past flame stays vivid in her thoughts.  A little connection and the heat is on, but will he be up to the that bad boy reputation or has he grown up enough to want something more.  The heat rises, but can they handle the heat?  Yes, you should read this one, especially if you are starting over.

Click here for your copy: Bachelor Number Four



Stranger megan Hart (2)

What happens when you are meeting someone you don’t know, and meet the wrong person?

Grace, the small town funeral director, had seen death so often it didn’t even phase her in any way.  At least that’s what she thought.  But that is how she ends up sleeping with a stranger.  The way she feels about death is one thing, but the pain she sees from them loved ones that they left behind is another.  Not wanting to ever be left Grace opts for the arranged meetings.  Okay, she pays someone to go on a date with her and show her the attention she wants.  The best part she doesn’t have to guess at how they feel, because she knows it’s not real, and she doesn’t let herself get attached to them.

Her only problem is she keeps thinking about the one she wasn’t suppose to meet.  It doesn’t help when she has to provide funeral services for his father.  Once he is in her life, he won’t leave her alone.  He wants to see where things will go, Grace doesn’t want any attachments.

The stranger, Sam, is no longer a stranger because of the one night they met.  Can she keep her wall up to protect her heart, or will he break it in a way she isn’t expecting.

There were so many things I liked about this story.  Though it’s a fantasy, it really hit some deep feelings that I think every human feels.  Self protects with an invisible wall that provides us with a layer that doesn’t let us feel, that doesn’t let us move on, that prevents disappointment.

Megan Hart has hit another heart-felt story.

Click here for your copy: Stranger


This is what I Want   This is what I want megan hart

A very cute short story.  Eve Grant, customer service rep at a drab office by day, and the Eris Apparent, sex goddess, by night.  Giving her readers what they want is something that Eve really enjoys.  She is good at putting out very short stories of sexual fantasies, because they are just fantasies.  However, her own fantasy is about a co-worker Lane DeMraco.   She has problems with her computer at work, and Lane, IT specialist, comes to help her with the issue.  Her fantasies run wild when he is on his knees working on her computer.  When her fantasies about him start coming a little to close to real she begins to wonder if he knows.  Her interaction with an online pale that intrigues her comes to reality when Lane comes to erase all of her  access to her personal online website.  His is deleting all of the history on her computer so that she will not get fired, but only because he really knows who she is.  He wants to fill those fantasies, but they weren’t real to her.  Not until he shows up at her apartment to confront the real issue.  Could he be the one for her?  Read the story.  It’s short..

Click here for your copy: This is What I Want


Reason Enough

Reason Enough megan hart

When is there a reason good enough to expand your family.  Dan is in love with his wife, Elle.  They have an amazing relationship, a great sex life, and a comfortable home.  So why would he want a baby?  It would change everything, and possibly not in a good way.  Elle is torn, but only because she doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up, but she is already grown and married.  But how would a baby fit in when she doesn’t feel that she is where she wants to be

Is Dan’s love and understanding reason enough?  Read the story.  The ending will surprise you, well maybe not.

Click here for your copy: Reason Enough



Unwrapped Megan hartLeah and Brandon Long are on their honeymoon, at Christmas time after waiting to have one.  In Vale, where they can hit the slopes, cuddle by the fire-place, and explore in there love-making.

After taking a tumble on the slopes Leah learns a few things.  How much she loves her husband, how much she needs him.  But the thing she realizes the most is they are part of a whole, that whole being the family they left at home.

A sweet short story.  Worth ready.

Click here for your copy: Unwrapped


Friendly Fire   Friendly Fire megan hart

A week of vacation, a tropical resort, and a psychologist to help them through the trauma is what is required after your partner has been killed in friendly fire, or if you were the one to do the shooting.  Agent Kendle Frasier’s partner was the one who die from friendly fire, but he was cocky, arrogant, and a very aggravating person.  She didn’t even really like him, so the guilt she puts on herself eats at what she knows it right, it wasn’t her fault.

Easily she places the blame on the person who shot him, Zane Vincent, who is also at the tropical paradise.  Zane places all the blame on himself, but can’t help notice his attraction to Kendle.  Is he trying to make it up to her, or is he completely hot for her?

Can they work through their guilt and find paradise?  How hot can it get?  You will have to read it to know just how far it goes.

Click here for your copy: Friendly Fire


Indecent Experiment

Indecent experiment megan hart

5 days of Experiments.  Day one you have to hold hands and talk for 4 hours, Day two you have to hug, hold hands and talk for 4 hours, Day three you have to Kiss for 4 hours.  Day four you must touch exploring each other for 4 hours and fully clothed.  Would that be enough time and enough interaction to make you want to sleep with someone?  The offer to participate is $1000.

Melissa Standish, and Matt Ingram couldn’t pass up this offer to participate in the experiment.  Not each other’s type at all, will they pass on participating on sleeping together?  You will have to read the story to find out.

I think if any couple spent time like this on a regular basis, relationships might last a lot longer.  Romance isn’t always a sunset, a beach, or a bottle of wine.  Sometimes its just attention!

Click here for your copy: Indecent Experiment


Naked Megan Hart   Naked

What is fun about this book is a continuation of what happens in Alex’s life; where he is 3-4 years after the appearance in Tempted.  The character Alex is a confident, sexy, stylish, millionaire that has a way with people.  Though his affections can go either way, he is drawn to a beautiful woman (Olivia) that has been hurt by this very thing.

Once engaged to a man (Patrick), that preferred men, she had been hurt deeply.  It was her love that allowed her to remain friends after the big breakup, and eventually exposed her to this beautiful man who wanted her over another man.

Alex and Olive have some things to learn about their relationship, while letting their past go.  It gets a little rocky as they get to know each other.  He is there for her when it came to her family, but will he be okay with her being there for him when she goes to meet them?  Family YES, the loves of his life (Jamie and Anne), well that part I can not share.  You will have to read this tangle of a story that is filled with steamy passion.

I really love the way Megan Hart brings in the name of the book as a lesson for all.  Naked is not only without clothes, it is also when you expose who you really are to the one person you trust completely.  The ending of the story was not only heart wrenching, but also fulfilling.
Click here for your copy:  Naked


A woman (Anne) in love with her husband (James) so deeply that it amazed her everyday that he was hers.  She loved his look, scent, and taste.  They had the picture perfect life that anyone would be proud to have.

When James’s best friend (Alex) from middle school comes for a visit, he brings along old secrets, old feelings, and old hidden behaviors.  Anne doesn’t like him or the way her husband is around Alex, but Alex does the same thing to her creating a want, a need, a desire so deep inside her that when her husband encourages her to act on these feelings, but they include him… She gives in.

Who loves who more in the end, and how will they decide to go through life knowing what the three of them shared.

If I would have know how this book was going to go, I probably wouldn’t have read it, but I am so glad I did.  I can see how something like this could happen so easily when there is so much love between two people, and so much love between another two people, but the one in the middle loves them both.  The key is that they both love him so deeply that they have to stay committed to him.  Okay, that my get a little confusing, but I can not explain how beautiful this story it.  It was a very emotional book for me and want to share it with everyone.  I hope you will give this book your time, and Megan a chance to bring you into another world.

Click here for your copy: Tempted


Everything Changes megan hart (2)

   Everything Changes

The same story as Tempted, but from Alex’s perspective.  The man’s point of view, the man’s wants, the man’s needs, and the man who falls in love with his best friends wife Anne, when deep down he has always love Jamie.

He knows it’s a mistake in the making, but when his best friend suggests it, it was a way to be closer to him.  He didn’t plan on Anne, what she did with him, what she did to him, and what his heart-felt when she loved him.

Letting go is the hardest thing to do, but because of the love he had for both of them, he has to leave.

Click here for your copy: Everything Changes




When you see a title on Megan’s book you can let your mind wander all over the place, because when you see dirty you may think this to be a dirty, sexy book, especially if you are aware that Megan Hart writes erotic romance, however….

Amazingly beautifully written story that sucks you in (3 days to read), twists you in different directions ( I was gasping NO  for more than a few reasons, and just when you think there is a break through and you will have the love story, she pounds it out and you end up crying.  You just never know if it is good or bad.

With Dirty, there is a lot of garbage for Elle to sort through, but she suppresses the garbage and deals with it another way.  Her way is not healthy, but it was survival, her survival.  The problem being when she finds love can she allow it to happen, can she allow him into her life.  Can he (Dan) handle what she has to share.  If he can… will it be enough?  You have to read this one.

I tell you… If you like Fifty Shades…  You are going to love Megan Hart’s stories.  I am on my third now.
Click here for your copy: Dirty

deeper Megan hart cr


I don’t know how a book could be any deeper.  Into the deep waters, into the deep emotions, into loving one so deeply you are able to res-erect them.

Bess, now going through a divorce to the man she once was in love with, is grasping at her past when she moves into the old beach house as her new residence.  With all the feelings, emotions, and memories of the beach house, it is easy to want those times back,  So even though it alarms her, it does not surprise her when the love of her life emerges from the water to be with her once again.

She is confused by the realness of it, because he feels so solid.  The way they felt then seems to be here now, but is she making this all up in her head?  It couldn’t be because he feels so real.  It isn’t until he fades in his attempt to leave the beach house that she realizes he is real, but for how long?

How can love get you through losing someone you feel so deeply for, when you can’t let go.

I felt when I read this.

Click here for your copy: Deeper


Broken Megan Hart crBroken

Everyone has their breaking point.  Stop just for a minute and think about what is yours?  Do you know, do you have to think about it?  Now that your mind is really wondering, think of what subject your mind went to when I said think about your breaking point.

Life is full of ups and downs.  Yes everyone says you learn and become stronger when faced with tragedy   I don’t think so… I think that is when you put up that wall so you don’t have to feel at all, and just move forward day-to-day doing what you have to do, because that is what you are supposed to do.  You only exist, you are broken, because you are not living.

Sometimes we compromise our selves grasping for some sort of reality, only to find it fades when we enter back into our world that we have developed to avoid pain.   A state of numbness, a state of death, and a state of denial.  What will bring us back?

All of this is an over the top, but when I read broken… I got it!  I would love to share this book with so many people and yet… it’s too close to being real.
Click here for your copy: Broken


SwitchSwitch megan hart

Submission is a relief when life is so hectic that sometimes you just don’t want to think.  It was the secret notes that were making it into her mailbox by mistake that made her submit.  Waiting, wondering, and reading each one allowed her to tap into the unknown, just before forwarding it to the rightful owner.

Eric, a man she met in passing, a man she noticed, a man she smiled at.  Could this be her new beginning?  Could this be the person receiving the notes?  When she finds out she decides to carry on being the director in this.  To watch him follow her every command, breaking it to him was going to be an experience.

Austin, her ex-husband, knew her too well.  The break up not good, but okay because it was only the two of them.  But when she runs into him again, does she see enough change to change her mind.

Who will win her heart?  You will have to read to find out.

Another book I enjoyed by Megan Hart.

Click here for your copy: Switch


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