Nelson DeMille

One of my favorite authors.  I have only read three books and will be going in for more.  His books give attention to detail and are filled with action, real life living, and suspense.
Two of his books have already went to movies:  The Generals Daughter and Word of Honor.

Check out his web site for upcoming movies, and a list of his books.


Click here for your copy:  Spencerville

I could read this book over and over again, but it is one I do not own a copy of.
It was a little gruesome at certain points of the book, which I didn’t mind at all.  It really set the scene.
His attention to detail needs to followed very carefully, otherwise you might miss important details.
I went without sleep for this book.

Night Fall

Click here for your copy:   Night Fall

I wouldn’t know where to began to explain this suspense story; a conspiracy, a cover up, or just lost evidence.
This is based on the main character John Cory, who is an ex-cop from New York, and now is working as a special agent.  Kate, his wife, is also a special agent.  She asks John to look into an old case.  When they tap into something that the government doesn’t want them to know about they are forced into separate assignments.
The shock of the ending twist leaves you to question things that have happened in the world.
John’s cynical thoughts keep you entertained while reading this story.  I found myself laughing to the dry sense of humor portrayed in John, and relaxed at the way Kate deals with him.
I will have to read this one again, to see if I missed anything.

The Lion’s Game

Click here for your copy:      The Lion’s Game

Where do I start?  Again, I was caught up in John the main character in the book.  A very cynical man with a very good outlook on finding the criminal, only this book gave another aspect.  The aspect of the criminal, and his beliefs.  Another great suspense book that will keep you reading all night long.

   The Panther – To be read

Click here for your copy:   The Panther (John Corey, Book 6)


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