Nonnie Frasier

No info, but this looks to be her first book.   Western style romance novel based in the gold rush years.

Ada’s Secret

1-14 Ada's Secret by Nonnie Frasier

Click here for your copy:  Ada’s Secret (Mail Order Brides of The Soiled Dove #1)

Raised with everything you could ever want a young lady to have.  She knew of art, music, and the proper aspects of being a respectable woman, but she also learned to ride and shoot as well as any man.

The Silver Dove, whore house, was where she was brought up, but never tarnished by the ways of the home.  However she learned a lot of things that make her a very attractive spouse.  When she decides that this is no place for a young woman she signs herself to a mail order bride.  After reading and evaluating all of the letters it is Patrick that makes her heart flutter.

After meeting her new husband and finding out about his distaste for that kind of lifestyle she decides its best to keep her past as a secret.

As little bits and pieces of the real her come out Patrick seems to accept her the way she is, but due to bad timing she runs into her family.  He is disgusted and disappointed walking away from the one woman who had stolen his heart.


Can they break through this barrier?

You may want to read this one.


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