Richelle Mead

Writes urban fantasy for both adults and teens.  When going to school she was uncertain of what she wanted to do with her life, but as she evolved into an educator she found that writing was her joy and it shows.  She has been recognized and won awards for her writings.


Click here for your copy:   Frostbite (Vampire Academy, Book 2)

Based in the life of a teenager, Rose, of course there is drama.  There is a best friend, Lissa.  Lissa’s boyfriend, Christian, who she is not a fan of because of his time with Lissa.  Mason, a friend that is totally whipped on her. A girl from school who she considers an enemy. And there is Dimitri, her personal trainer, mentor, and the love of her life.

Trying to push Dimitri from her mind, she eggs on Mason as a potential boyfriend.  But her jealosey flares when Dimitri spends time with Tosha, who is Christians older sister and a very good old friend of Dimitri’s.  Her link with her best friend allows her to be in her mind to which she has to deal with Christian wanting to take things to the next level with Lissa.

On top of all this drama there is a killing spree of the Royal of Morri, and the high alert brings her mother around.

But as Rose starts to see things in a more grown up way, she is thrown into being a grown up when her friend run away to find and fight the killers and she must stop them at all costs, or she may lose one.

I think the younger age group will appreciate this story, because they will understand all the drama.  Teen life is not fun, and neither is growing up.

   Shadow Kiss

Click here for your copy:   Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3)

Mason, who is gone, keeps reappearing to Rose.  Has she lost it, or is she completely losing.  According to her research about the Shadow Kiss (which her best friend, Lissa, did to her when saving her life a long time ago) it is very possible she is going crazy.

She wants and need Demitiri all the more, but refuses to pull him into this tangled up idea of hers.  They have one duty and it is to Lissa, not to each other.

When Demitiri finds a way to help her, finds a way to be together it opens up to a whole new world of possiblities.  On the night of uniting themselves, they are faced with fighting Strogi.

When her mother and lover lead them into battle, what will happen is she loses one?  And how far gone are they?  Yes, you will have to continue to read to find out the whole story.

This story was deeper than teenage drama, it was fulfilling as an action romance novel for me.
Click here for your copy: Shadow Kiss: A Vampire Academy Novel: 3


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