Rita Hestand


Write contemporary, historical romances, children’s books, and short stories she even dabbles in poetry.  Though she is retired she will continue to write full-time.  Check her out, she has over 50 books available at this time including Children and adult books.

I found her writing delightful, hopefully you will also.

Raining in my heart by Rita Hestand

Raining in my Heart-

Julie McKay is heading home after being gone for Ten years, but only because her father had passed away.But the voice on the phone, Cade Weston, still did unthinkable things to her. He was the only man who ever made love to her, yes the only one. So its pretty obvious to those who knew that her daughter Julie belonged to him.
She ran from home because of her pregnancy never telling her father, and never telling Cade. She had been in love with his brother Wade, and the one night Cade pretended being Wade was a magical night for her. Cade was an amazing lover.
She knows she needs to confess to both Cade and Julie, but she may lose more than her father on this trip.
My heart still aches with this one. I couldn’t stop reading until I got this one done.

Click here to get your copy:  Raining In My Heart (Book One of the McKay’s)


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