Sabrina Jefferies

Sabrina likes to write exactly what she enjoys reading; lighter, sexier historical romances, with more dialogue and more sensuality.  Check out her web page to find out how she grew up to be a writer.  I absolutly love her writing, but I will leave the historical romance to Sabrina.

The Lord Trilogy:

   The Pirate Lord – Book 1

Click here for your copy:  The Pirate Lord (Lord Trilogy, Book 1)

I can not say enough about Sabrina’s books.  They really do suck you in and keep you there in her fantasy.  This is a story about a young woman, Sara Willis, who is involved in a Ladies Committee that supports the woman in her community.  She is drawn to accompany a ship load of woman being deported for crimes that they committed.  She is there to build their self-worth.
Gideon, the greatest pirate in the world and his men, wanted to stop pirating, marry, and settle down.  To their satisfaction, they fall on a ship load of woman who should be grateful to be rescued from their fate.
Sparks fly when Sara stands up for the woman making demands, and for Gideon his demands were of her.

The tempting Gideon is too much for Sara, for he leads her to things she would have never guessed to be satisfying.  You will have to read this story to find out how they satisfy their demands.

The Forbidden Lord – Book 2

Click here for your copy: The Forbidden Lord (Lord Trilogy, Book 2)
Jordan Willis, is Sara’s step brother.  He is wealthy, strong, arrogant, and very much sought after by young marring type of girls.  He avoids that situation at all costs, only seeing widows, or woman of pleasure.  That is until he ends up in a carriage with a very innocent and virtuous young woman, Emily.  After a very special kiss he avoids her in society, but not in his mind.
Emily, threatened into masquerading as Emma, is still very innocent, but has to play a very experienced woman who likes excitement.
Jordan is set on proving she is one and the same.  But what is she hiding from and how to fix her problem without hurting the woman that he can not get out of his head.

This whirls around and around with excitement.  Read this to find out the whole story.


The Dangerous Lord – Book 3  

Click here for your copy:   The Dangerous Lord (Lord Trilogy, Book 3)

Felicity Taylor, a young woman responsible for her four younger brothers, broke, and trying to make ends meet by writing for the paper under the alias Lord X.  With intent on preventing her close friend from marring a scoundrel, Ian Lennard, the Viscount St. Clair, she used her writings to expose him.

However she didn’t really know what she was exposing a dangerous lord that was in need of a wife, and desperate for an heir.

Through their banter he takes advantage of the situation to put her in a compromising situation that people could use as gossip about her.

After that first kiss, the sparks flew with not only their banter but their attraction for each other.  She refuses to give into this rich, handsome lord, but only because he hides something that leads to mistrust.  Can they work out the details before she is ruined.  You will have to read the story to find out.


Royal Brotherhood:

   In the Prince’s Bed – Book 1

Click here for your copy: In the Prince’s Bed (The Royal Brotherhood)

Wow, what a beginning to a great series.  Starting off with an alliance between three half-brother to help each other get ahead in life is the game of all games.
Alec, Lord Iversley, has recently acquired his title, but is completely broke and needs a wife with money to restore his estate back to working order.  He has to do this for his staff, and tenants.
Katherin Merival, a vibrate young lady, is waiting for her betrothed, Sydney, to formal ask for her hand in marriage.  But he keeps putting her off using his mother’s illness as an excuse, but maybe there was something more to it than that.  Maybe they are missing the sizzle.
The sizzle that Katherin finds in Alec, when he comes up with a scheme to court her, but leads her to believe that he is only doing it to help her make Sydney jealous enough to ask her to marry him.
With all the deception, distrust, and frustrating excitement they fall for each other.  You will have to see how this is resolved by reading the book.


To Pleasure A Prince – Book 2

Click here for your copy:  To Pleasure a Prince (Royal Brotherhood, Book 2)

We have the beauty, Lady Regina Tremaine, the beast, Lord Marcus North, the Dragon Viscount.  It only when Lady Regina goes to the Dragon Viscount’s home at Castlemaine that this story can begin.  Her brother would like to court Marcus’s half-sister, Louisa, and in attempts to sway Marcus to letting him she has to agree to let Marcus court her.  The hard part is his withdrawal from society and the rumors there are about him and his poor attitude to change them.  Regina has her own secrete and has turned down many proposals of marriage to conceal her secrete.
Both are surprised by the way Regina responds to him, full of exquisite desire, so much so that they are getting lost in what is going on with them that the rest of his worries seemed to go the back of his priority, but in the end he is right, he is in love, and he is the dragon.  Can Regina tame him?  You will have to read to see.

One Night with a Prince – Book 3  

Click here for your copy:   One Night With a Prince (Royal Brotherhood, Book 3)

Gavin and Christabel are on a mission to save her family from ruin. However, they have different reasons for retrieving lost letters. In their adventure to obtain them something else stirs in them. It is with great pleasure of getting to know each other that they fall in love. A great romance novel filled with playfulness, and seduction.

Swanlea Spinsters:

   After the Abduction – Book 3

Click here for your copy:After the Abduction (Swanlea Spinsters, Book 3)

Juliet Laverick, has been scorned after an abduction that happened two years ago, but because of her deep want of this man, Morgan Pryce she is determined to bring him to justice and make him pay for the pain he has caused her.  The pain of being in love with him, making every other suitor weak in comparison.
On her quest for Justis she is surprised by meeting up with the man who had abducted her, only to be told that he was not the same man at all, he is the twin, he is Sebastion, Lord Templemore.
Sebastion, though revealing the truth could ruin both their lives, he is tempted by his affections for this woman to tell Juliet the truth.  Can he persuade her another way to fall for him not as Morgan, but as Sebastion.


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