Stephanie Meyer

Her time line is amazing for a writer.  Her idea of Twilight came June 2, 2003.  Today, June of 2011, she has accomplished so much.  She has written five books from the Twilight Series, which four of them are now movies.  The newest one being released later this year.  She also has another fantastic novel called ‘The Host’.  Even though I love all her books, The Host has now become my favorite.  I had to read it twice before I truly appreciated the first few chapters.  Check out her web site for more information and I must say, if you love the Twilight series you will want to read The Host.  Her mind creates wonderful things.


The Host

Click here for your copy:   The Host: A Novel

This is another great novel by Stephanie Meyers that will challenge the twilight Series. It is creative, intuitive, and yet imaginative. The main character, Wanda/Melanie has issues that do not compare to this world, nothing like a love triangle that is involving yourself and your other self which can not go unheard. The twists, turns, and emotions are fulfilled at every turn of a page. This was the second time reading this book and I could read it again and again, but just because there might be something I missed. This book is so filled with information that you might miss it too. Take your time reading it and do what I did, read it again.


Click here for your copy:   Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

I don’t know anyone that has read Twilight that hasn’t enjoyed it.  Originally I heard Vampire book, and I thought… No, not me.  Than Danelle borrowed it from a friend.  After she would go to be I would still it.  She would scold me and tell me not to get head of her.  Well, that lasted about a day.  This time I read more slowly enjoying each and every page.  I love her imagination and creativity.  Even though there is a plot to the story, it is still a YA romance novel, touching on those uncertain feelings when we are young and unsure of ourselves.   The supernatural side kept us guess as to what would happen next.  The inspiration of characters and what they represent was intriguing.  This will be one of the classics that people will tend to read over and over again.

   New Moon

Click here for you copy:   New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

Definitely better this time around.  When I first read this book I really didn’t care for it.  The devastating feelings, the sadness, the temptation to let things happen even though it did feel right, the attempts to not care about yourself and your safety was a little too much, but when you are young that is how you feel.  Everything surrounds the person that you think you are in love with.  As for the book, and understanding how it was going to turn out, and why things happen the way they did I felt a lot better reading it again.
Word of advise, don’t lose yourself because your self-worth means a lot to those you are not thinking of!!!  If you weren’t here… stop.  Think about who would be hurting.


Click here for your copy:   Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Again and Again I enjoy everything that Stephanie Meyer writes.  Eclipse is no different.  I sure everyone has read this series if not once than more than that.
The story is the continuation of Twilight.
Victory is determined to avenge her love, James that was killed in the first book, but only after he came after Belle.  With a new plan of action it leaves you worried through the whole story, wondering is she is going to be able to accomplish this task.
With Edward back and in Belle’s arms it leaves a space between her and Jacob that she can not stand.  Edward is patient, Belle is torn between the two, and Jacob just wants to win Belle’s heart and will do anything to win it.  Does his efforts go unrewarded?
You do have to read the story to find out if you don’t already know.

Breaking Dawn  

Click here for your copy:   Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Rereading to give a fair review, but if I remember correctly, it was good.


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