Susan Mallery

Susan writes wittty and emotional stories about woman and their relationship.  She writes for the enthusiastic reader who likes to feel when they read.  Check out Susan’s website for her great works.

   Chasing Perfect

Part of the Fool’s Gold Romances.  Charity takes a new job in Fool’s Gold, where she quickly finds out that this beautiful little town has a big problem.  They had a shortage of men.  This story starts with heated emotions in the first chapter when Josh, a bachelor, walks in and saves her day. 
Even though neither one of them are looking for a relationship, the sparks fly.  You will have to read this one to find out if they spark behind closed doors.  There are a few other surprises that you will find enjoyable.

Almost Perfect

Another Fool’s Gold Romance.  If you read the first one you will know the characters, except for the new arrival of Liz.  Liz and Ethan, the main characters in this book, are torn over lost love and new situations that are hard to compromise about.  The love they once had is tempting, because they truly were in love at one time, but the battle of the love of a child that had been unknown to Ethan until now.  Liz never backs down to her own desire to feel loved and cherished.  Until Ethan can do that, it wouldn’t be enough.  I love the ending.

Finding Perfect    

Going from a completely different angle in Fool’s Gold, of two completely different people’s lives.  Pia and Raoul have the same heart and the same thought, though they have to find their own way of fulfilling their needs.  The question is will they be able to fulfill each other’s needs as they start a relationship?  It is quit funny and light even though Pia decides to carry triplets.  Will they become a family… you will have to read it to find out.


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