Suzanne Medeiros

Graduating from the University of Toronto earning a degree in English Literature, and a Bachelor of Education degree, however she didn’t end up working as a teacher because of job availability.  After several jobs she decided to pursue her love of writing.  Currently she has five books out and you can purchase them through her website.

Dancing with the Duke by Suzanna Medeiros

Subject:  A young girls Crush.  Charlotte Grant has always had a major crush on her best friend’s older brother, some may even call it love.

Challenge:  The Duke of Clarington has every intention of staying a free man.  He doesn’t attend the social life of the coming out season, until his mother request that he assist them in helping his sister’s best friend on her debut

Knowing very well she needed all the help she could get.  She was gangly, red hair, and freckles, and very annoying as a young girl.

Turn of Events:  The Duke is surprisingly pleased at how Charlotte has grown into her beautiful body, but not so pleased at the attention she get from the other men.  In a twist of play on his part he ends up claiming her as his own.

Very cute historical romance.  If you like historical romances, this will be one to enjoy time after time.

Click here for your copy:  Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord)


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