Tawny Weber


Out of her 21 romance stories only two are not Harlequin Blaze.  If you have read Harlequin lately you would agree with me that they all seem to be very good.  I can’t get enough of them.  The only complaint I have is how short they are.  I ran across Tawny in the free e-book section of kindle, and completely enjoyed not only her story, but her writing style.   She is now on my favorite list.

   Sex, Lies and  Midnight

Maya has avoided her family trying to escape her con artist father.  She was changing her life even though it was a little boring.  It was her brothers announcement of getting married that brings her home, only to realize she missed her old life, her father, and her home.  It is her friend from high school and fathers girlfriend that has made Maya bring home a date that she hardly knows, with the agreement that he will pretend to be her loving boyfriend.

Of course Simon would agree to be her loving boyfriend, who wouldn’t with how hot was is and the bonus of following a life long investigation of busting her father in his newest con.

The only problem is… its supposed to be pretend.

You will love this one.

A seals seduction by Tawny Weber

A Seal’s Seduction

Red Hot, disciplined, and follows the rules by the book is the hot Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon.  The only problem is the mission gone wrong dancing in his head.  On mandatory leave he has to preoccupy his time somehow, so when he encounters the enticing red-head, Alexia Lane he finds his out.

Alexia Lane, a scientist in sexual behavior due to trauma, has only one rule.  No Navy men because her unbearable father was one.

The sexual tension is immediate, and moves them to the beach, apartment, and bedroom quickly.  She sees the pain he holds back, and is afraid to ask too many question, but when she finds out he is a Navy SEAL she puts an end to it all.

Alexia father encourages the relationship of Blake with his daughter, because someone has to control her.  Blake has no intention of controlling her, only to love her.  What will it take to win her over…

Read the story it’s worth the rush of sensations.

Click here for your copy:  A SEAL’s Seduction (Harlequin Blaze)


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