Thomas E. Sniegoski

Thomas writes for adults, teens, and children alike.  Not only has he written dozens of novels, but some of his works are being developed as films.  To find out more information about Thomas and his works check out his web page.

   The Fallen 1/Leviathan

Click here for your copy:  The Fallen 1: The Fallen and Leviathan

Supernatural is the way to go these days, but this is not the vampire scene.  He (Aaron Corbet) is untouchable, but only because of his destiny.  He has the worst day on his 18th birthday,which turns out to be the beginning of a new life to which he tries to deny.  His ability to understand all languages, yes… I mean all including animals, and it drives him to the point of going crazy.

With the help of fallen Angles he is able to crossover into his new-found heritage without being eliminated by the Powers, who were sent her to kill people like himself.  It was the way it was written with all the dark depressing things that would make you feel for Aaron, ant then the way it brought laughter to me when using the communication of his best friend Gabriel, his dog.

I found this book informative, funny, and outstanding on the description so that I could picture things in my head.
A must read!!!!!

The best part is there is a second book included within this called Leviathan.  It is the start of his journey to find his step brother who was taken by the Powers.  I found it entertaining with the description of his travel companions, Camael and Gabrial.  He is learning about his new-found life and his supernatural abilities as he fights against the darkest powers here on earth.
It is his destiny to redeem the Fallen Angels, for he is the chosen one due to having the strongest powers there is, but you will have to read to find out if he can access his powers, will he allow the release, and will he save the town from this creature that captures his friends.

The Fallen 2/Aerie and Reckoning

Click here for your copy:   The Fallen 2: Aerie and Reckoning

Again this is a two part book.  I finished Aerie and it was intense.  The powers leader, Verchiel, is set on destroying Aaron Corbet, because he is the boy who can reunite the Fallen Angles with Heaven.  Verchiel will stop at nothing to end his life, and he uses the only people left, that Aaron loves, to bring him  to the end.

Aaron now finding Aerie, and trained with the fallen angels is now ready to do battle.  It is his inner strength that pulls him through this battle to try to save the only people left in his life.  Who will he lose in the is battle, but who is back in his life.  You will have to read the book to find out.

Second part, Aerie and Reckoning.  Pour Aaron Corbet, taking on the weight of saving the world from destruction released by the devil himself.  But this is not the devil as we know him or have been trained to think about him.  He is Aaron’s father and simply good at heart, trying to hold onto the destruction and keep it within himself.  Aaron finally meets his father and helps him to fight off the powers.  Find out who is forgiven and who is not in this intense book.

The love of his life, as little as he has experienced so far, turns up in his life again.  From her stand point it is not a good thing because of what is within in her.  She does care for Aaron, but you will have to read the story to find out about their future.

The Fallen 3 

Click here for your copy:   The Fallen 3: End of Days

As evil arises Aaron and the other Nephilim are struggling to save the world and the people who dwell upon it.  There is something darker arising and it becomes a struggle causing the Nephilim to question their leader and what he stands for.  One in particular, Jeremy, has a hard time with authority and controlling his inner being.  Vilma, Aaron’s girlfriend takes a special interest in helping Jeremy, which causes her to question her feelings about Jeremy, and Aaron both.

The surprise is who took over the quest to put an end to the Nephilim, and end the world once and for all, but the real surprise is the person that comes back from heaven to help them, could it be Aaron’s worse enemy?

Of course Gabrial is there by Aaron’s side to help him and the other Nephilim, but his inner strength grows where he does a lot  more than just being a dog.  His comments are still a chuckle for me, because he speaks not only as a dog, but as an intelligent creature.

If you enjoy the supernatural or angle stories this beats them all.  I hope you read the series because it takes a very creative mind to share a story like this.

   The Fallen 4 – 

I finally finished it.  I found it hard to read this time, only because of the devastation that the Nephilim are going through.  Aaron, Gabrial (the amazing dog), Vilma,  and Jermey have all returned.  The darkness has grown strong, strong enough to engulf one of them.  The beast is one that all of us know well, FEAR.   They are presented an opportunity to actually make a difference and change the outcome, but the story doesn’t go like it should.

Jeremy is off with his mother, and a baby that speaks like he is an adult, but there is a reason he is so gifted.  Jeremy must protect the baby with every cell of his being.

This story jumped around a little more than the others, making it hard to follow.  But it has evolved into many stories of the individuals that are fighting together.  Each one having their own struggles, each one having their own outcome, and each one having their end.  Find out how it ends for Aaron and Vilma by reading this book, because it may not be the end after all.  Find out who shows up to help them in the end, or maybe the beginning.  You decide.

Click here for your copy: The Fallen 4: Forsaken


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