Tina Leonard


Selling 2.6 million copies of her collective seventy-one books has won her many awards.  Her writing are humorous, endearing, snappy, and her characters are memorable.  You can see her full collection on her web site.

Hotter than Hot by Tin Leonard

Click here for your copy:   Hotter than Hot

Short and Sweet is what this one is.  Harley riding bad boy, Elijah Stone, comes to a quiet town for some peace and quiet.  Staying at a home where the proper daughter, Monet Goody, of the sheriff.

Only thing is, Monet may only be a librarian but she also writes the Sex advice blog under the sir name of Allure Crimson.

Elijah is a hired cop to keep an eye on her to prevent anything bad from happening to her after a few threatening letters.

The only thing they didn’t plan was the ending.  He was a fantasy played out, and he was heading back to his regular job.  That meant they would be apart, but could they let that fire burn out?  You will have to read this one.


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