Zane is known as the queen of erotica.  She has written over 2 dozen books and continues to publish top sellers including her series ‘Sex Chronicles’ for Cinemax.  As I read her bio she encourages woman to not only satisfy themself, but keep their man happy at home.  If you read her bio and her question and answers you will see that she is straight forward, bold, and free to express truths that some woman hold back from allowing.  I remind myself to keep an open mind as I read her first novel.

The Hot Box  

Okay… How can I explain this so that it will encourage other to read it.  Being an Erotica book some people would take offence, however Zane has a point to her books.  She even goes into detail to explain what it is she is trying to get across at the end of her book.  I found it to be a great story, with a great story line.  Every one’s lives are not the same, therefore we must be open to others points of view.  It is interesting to see her characters evolve through the story.
This story is about a young woman who had experienced an extremely bad situation.  Even though she is strong enough to stand up for herself, she also loses her drive for life, and losing faith in a future with anyone that might cause her pain.  Because she is a good person, good things do come to her, but only after a twist in the story and a good-hearted man enters her life.
Yes this is explicit, but we must keep an open mind when reading others works.  If this is something that would offend you than I would look for another book.  If you can keep your mind open, it was a great story.


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