The Sheik’s Defiant Fiancee by Elisabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Defiant Fiancee

1-14 The Sheik's Defiant Fiancee by Elizabeth Lennox

Click here for your copy:    The Sheik’s Defiant Fiancée

Laila knew what she was getting herself into with marring Sheik Jabril.  This is a business deal for her father, not love for her.  She is a college grad for starters, and she knows what she wants in life, and even though she is marring the man she doesn’t want anything to do with the past playboy that probably has two to three woman on the side hidden from her.

What she didn’t expect was how much he turned her into a puddle of mush.  Head strong and determined she voiced what she needed and wanted, only he didn’t agree with her.  He had picked her based on her background, but it was the way her eyes looked up at him that made him more determined to win her over.

With his hansom seductive voice of his he convinces her that she wants him too.  She stayed cool on the outside keeping prim and proper in front of everyone else, but her trembling arm, her shaky hand, and the way she kissed him back gave him clear indication that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her.  The only difference between them he was willing to show her what it would be like for them if they gave into those needs.

Being her first and only he’s compelled to keep her his, and only his.  Her thoughts of others for him had been completely wrong but only confirmed that as he took her into the pleasures of love.

Shot by snipers can Laila confess her true need, desire, and love to him?

Read the story!


Blur by Kristen Middleton


1-14 Blur by Kristen Middleton

Click here for your copy:   Blur (Night Roamers)

Nikki, her twin brother Nathan, and their mother move to a small town after their mother had been brutally attacked by they’re father.

The Sherif, the hot Red haired girl at the grocery store, and even the cute guy at the boat repair shop there seemed to be someone for each of them.

But starting their first night strange things seem to be happening like the dead girl by their dock.  Over reacting to the new beautiful place they were going to call home, it had many creepy things going on.  Especially the face in the window and the secrets people whispered to them in warning.

She didn’t want him, didn’t know him, but Ethan had chosen her in the darkness of the night.

Will the hotty help save her?  Or is it too late?  Check it out!!!

Betting on You by Jessie Evans

Betting on You

1-14 Betting on You by Jessie Evans

Click here for your copy:   Betting On You (Always a Bridesmaid 1)

First of all if a man left me the day of my wedding I wouldn’t want anything to do with him no matter how attractive he is.  Nothing is worse than lowering your self-esteem.

However, If a man pursued me the way Mason Stewart goes after what he wants, Lark March, there may be some kind of hope in the mix.

Mason knows that Lark wouldn’t see him after what he had done to her, but he had changed!  He was the new and improved man who wanted what Lark had to offer.  When they were younger and planning the wedding he was lost in confusion.  It took him years to straighten his head out, but he did it and now he wants her back.

Lark could only give him one change, but only after she made sure that he understood what he did to her back then.

Can he really understand what she felt back then, and can he handle the challenge now.  Maybe after a few dates things will get resolved so they both can move forward.  Hopefully together.

You will have to read this one to find out what she puts him through and what happens at the end of the day.

Ada’s Secret by Nonnie Frasier

Ada’s Secret

1-14 Ada's Secret by Nonnie Frasier

Click here for your copy:  Ada’s Secret (Mail Order Brides of The Soiled Dove #1)

Raised with everything you could ever want a young lady to have.  She knew of art, music, and the proper aspects of being a respectable woman, but she also learned to ride and shoot as well as any man.

The Silver Dove, whore house, was where she was brought up, but never tarnished by the ways of the home.  However she learned a lot of things that make her a very attractive spouse.  When she decides that this is no place for a young woman she signs herself to a mail order bride.  After reading and evaluating all of the letters it is Patrick that makes her heart flutter.

After meeting her new husband and finding out about his distaste for that kind of lifestyle she decides its best to keep her past as a secret.

As little bits and pieces of the real her come out Patrick seems to accept her the way she is, but due to bad timing she runs into her family.  He is disgusted and disappointed walking away from the one woman who had stolen his heart.

Can they break through this barrier?

You may want to read this one.

A Little Bit Hot by Elle Kennedy

1-14 A Little Bit of Hot by Elle Kennedy

Click here for your copy:    A Little Bit of Hot (Out of Uniform)

A story about Jackson Ramsey, a navy seal, that is on leave.  He is a country boy from Texas, and seeing all his friends in great relationships it is time he try to find the right one.

He’s willing to try anything once, but when his friends wife’s and Girlfriends try to set him up… Oh no the crazies come out of the wood work.

Just when he is ready to give up entirely and hope for a length leave he spots the next doors gardener.  This could be woman to fall for, but even though she is attracted to him she is not interested.  She has a plan and it doesn’t include men, at least not right now.

January Reads:

I think I am becoming a read-a-holic.  I finished 10 books this month.  It seems to help me relax and fall asleep.  It’s only bad when they keep me awake wanting more, and more, and lets just say MORE!

Yes, there were a few that did this too me.  Not to mention that I am trying to edit one book while writing another.  I really would like to get out at least 5 books this year.  Say a few for me because I really need to get those stories done and out of my head.  There are so many new ideas popping up on a regular basis now.

Time… it’s what we all need.   Compelled to find more of it I have decided to push forward with Full Time commitment at my current job.  I only hope that my age will not hurt me because I waited so long for my children to grow up and be more independent so that I could commit to the job even more than I already am.

On the other side of things I am looking at ways of starting a writing club.  Helping those that have great ideas to get them down and then share them with the world.  I really don’t know where to start this project because I am already short on time for new adventures.  Hopefully this adventure comes together rather sooner than later, because writing releases all the built up tension with its escape to another world.  If your interested shoot me an email, I would love your input.


So stay tuned for the upcoming book reviews for the month of January.  Look for my new releases this year, and keep reading.  Oh, you may see some changes in my web site.   There are so many book referrals I want to redesign the web site so you can easily find your favorite Genre of books.


Connected by the Sea by E L Todd

Connected by the Sea by ELTodd

Wow, that one word doesn’t explain this novel.  Yes novel not just a book.

Young Sydney has made the biggest leap of her life, to escape her past.  She has a college scholarship to an island university, she lives in her inherited shack near the beach, she drives her dead father’s car, she takes self-defense training, and she doesn’t speak of her past with the hopes that it will go away.

Her past:  A step father who beat her, a step brother who took advantage of her, and a mother that didn’t stop any of it.

Her present:  The best friends that anyone could have.  Nancy and Henry.  Not seeing what true family Henry wants with her.

Her Future:  Coen:

It all comes to a head when her nightmares come true, the family she grew up around was coming to visit.  Can Coen help her to stay strong and focused, or will he protect her and become her new family?  Will they both survive to have a future.